At Merkle®, we oversee your project from start to finish with our four-point approach

Needs Assessment

From the very first contact with any of our team members, you will know you are in good hands, as Merkle International conducts an assessment of your needs to determine exactly what is required.

The Merkle team is dedicated to making all of our equipment work effectively for each customer. Thus, the scope of supply can be varied to suit your project. For Strut-Air, as an example, we supply the refractory, tieback and support castings, insulation, and Strut-Air tubes. Support steel can be supplied by Merkle or we can supply the fabrication details for you to make it locally.

Drawing Package

Using the latest in computer engineering technology, we provide you with a drawing package in either English or SI (Metric) units.

Work includes a structural review, shop details, and bill of material, as well as steel and refractory field drawings necessary for proper installation of the equipment.

Material Selection, Inspection and Shipment

Merkle is independent of suppliers. As a result, materials best suited for each application are selected from a worldwide network of suppliers.

After materials are fabricated to our specifications, our engineering team conducts an inspection at the point of manufacture to make certain that everything conforms to our strict quality requirements. Our experience in handling the shipment of materials includes movement of goods to all parts of the world.

Technical Support

Merkle International provides skilled, on-site technical support during installation of its equipment. We are also available to answer any questions you may have following installation and furnace startup. You can call our technical staff anytime you have a question about your Merkle products, even years after installation.

Our Mission

Merkle International strives to provide high-quality, cost effective suspended refractory systems and related furnace equipment solutions to diverse industries including, iron, glass lime, cement, aluminum, coke calcining, steel, lead and copper. No matter the material, we provide our clients full circle, integrated solutions for their production needs.