Roto Patch® System
A Suspended Basic Brick Assembly

Advantages of the Roto-Patch System

  • The Roto-Patch system is a suspended basic brick assembly and is interchangeable with existing designs.
  • Roto-Patch is for heavy duty suspended roofs and tied back walls and has been widely used in the copper reverberatory and flash smelter roofs.
  • The Roto-Patch system utilizes pre-fired refractory shaped along with metallic hangers and structural steel for support.
  • Merkle International’s independence from refractory manufacturers allows for flexibility in the selection of refractory quality that will fit your process and budget.

Additional Information

Roto-Patch is a suspended basic brick assembly which utilizes pre-fired refractory shapes along with metallic hangers and structural steel-for support. These pre-fired shapes generally have a longer installed life and higher resistance to corrosion than plastic or castable systems. Merkle International has successfully installed the Merkle Roto-Patch system in copper reverberatory and flash smelter roofs.

  • The rotating, self-locking hanger allows the assembly to be hung either parallel or perpendicular to the support pipe, for maximum repair flexibility.
  • The single rotating Roto-Patch hanger replaces either of the two hangers required for competing designs, and means a reduction in inventory of up to 50%.
  • The suspension rods, with up to 80% greater cross-sectional area than competing designs, provide better oxidation resistance.
  • The suspension rods and castings can be ordered in a variety of heat resistant materials including chrome-nickel alloys.
  • The refractory shapes can be ordered in standard lengths or as required by the customer.
  • Roto-Patch assemblies can be used for new installations as well as patching, and are suitable for panelizing.
  • Roto-Patch is interchangeable with existing designs.

Merkle has extensive experience in suspended refractory systems, dating back to 1973. We work with our customers to find the best long-term solution for your particular smelting situation. Our staff will work with you to determine the exact refractory quality that fits your process and your budget.

Our scope of supply can include structural support steel supporting our refractory system. We can also provide fabrication details for that steel, for local fabrication (saving shipping costs).

Additionally, our attention to detail has earned Merkle a reputation for customer service with its clients. Besides supplying our innovative and highly functional products, we purchase and inspect material, and provide technical support during installation.