MT Modu-Lok®

An Interlocking Suspended Refractory System for Covers and Curtains

Advantages of the Merkle’s Modu-Lok System

  • The Modu-Lok construction is simple using as little as two shapes to build the complete roof or tied back wall often with complex configuration.
  • Support brick can be placed 4-, 8-, 12-, or 16-inch centers making it extremely versatile.
  • Support brick is heavily trodden on all four sides to support the maximum number of filler brick.
  • Modu-Lok allows for maximum insulation. With hangers on 8-inch centers, the Modu-Lok roof allows for 75% coverage; with hangers on 12-inch centers, coverage is 84%; with hangers on 16-inch centers, coverage is 88%.
  • The Modu-Lok design locks metallic on both support brick and steel structures. Metallics are clear of insulation, which adds to service life. Metallics can be made as stampings or castings in materials to suit particular applications.

Additional Information

Modu-Lok is an interlocking suspended refractory design that uses prefired refractory to provide a structure of uniform density. Hanger and filler brick have structural, load-bearing treads on two sides.

Materials are chosen to suit the particular application, for example, fused AZS may be best suited for a doghouse curtain, whereas mulite refractory is chosen for a canal cover. Merkle International’s position of independence from various refractory manufacturers allows for flexibility in the selection of refractory material.

MT Modu-Lok Canal Covers

Special structures made using MT Modu-Lok shapes. Certain furnace designs call for special structures. The flexibility of the MT Modu-Lok construction allows special shaped covers and curtains, such as donkey walls or complex crutch arches, to be constructed using the Merkle MT Modu-Lok refractory shapes. Merkle can provide a solution for almost any complicated design challenge.

MT Modu-Lok Waist Curtains

Waist Curtains are an alternative to shadow walls to separate the melter from the refiner. As with all Modu-Lok systems, the metallics and support steel are kept clear of, or a safe distance from, the heat of the furnace. As with the waist covers, water-cooled steel frames are supplied.

MT Modu-Lok Waist Covers

The Modu-Lok system has been used in waist area covers for over 3 decades. The Merkle Waist Covers can be moved so a stirrer or cooler can be inserted. The superior refractory used in Merkle Waist Covers permits some thermal cycling of the waist covers. Steel frames are supplied with the refractory and metallics. The steel frames are normally water cooled.