Merkle® Bay “0” Seal
The Start to an Efficient, Effective Tin Bath

Advantages of the Merkle Bay “0” Seal

  • Merkle Bay “0” Seal is a 3-piece design
  • Provides good seal against tin bath entrance lintel
  • Bay “0” Seal allows for atmosphere introduction on each side.
  • Sillimanite refractory is standard for the Merkle Bay “0” Seal

Additional Information

Merkle’s Bay “0” Seal is comprised of blocks of cast and fired sillimanite refractory assembled in a steel frame and suspended above the spout, covering the entrance to the tin bath. This design provides an excellent seal against atmosphere discharge from the tin bath.

The Bay “0” Seal can be raised and moved during spout changes. Also with its unique attributed design can usually be put back into service, where other solutions may not withstand thermal cycling.

Nitrogen can be introduced through the side or roof blocks of the Merkle Bay “0” Seal for operational flexibility.

Merkle has been supplying Bay “0” Seal systems for over 30 years. Let our experience work for you. The Merkle Bay “0” Seal can both improve production efficiency and complement the long campaign furnace.